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Speech Language Therapy


Focusing on helping children develop the skills they need to grow into functional independent adults. Occupational therapists (OTs)  provide specific consultation in the areas of self care (dressing, feeding, bathing & hygiene, toileting, sleep), play and social skills, fine & gross motor skills, sensory integration & emotional regulation, visual-motor and motor coordination skills, environmental modifications, executive functioning skills (attention, organization, task initiation, independence), behavioral strategies, assistive technology and access to AAC (communication) devices. OTs also target printing and legibility for school aged children.

Our Services Moustarah Milestones



Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) provide families with strategies to support their child to make gains in their communication skills and social skills. They can support families in determining priority goals and how to achieve them in a meaningful way for their child. SLP’s have extensive knowledge of language development and strategies to develop each individual child’s understanding and use of language, verbal and nonverbal. SLP’s also provide support and strategies for social communication goals including: joint attention, greetings, play skills, understanding emotions, non-verbal communication and building friendships.



Working with families to support parents navigating the school system and providing individual interventions to: (a) promote students' personal and social development, (b) enhance students' academic achievement, and (c) facilitate students' career decision-making. Our consultants provide expertise and support in gifted education, learning strategies, learning English as a second language, and early childhood education.



Learning motor skills in a joyful play based approach. Our consultants implement small stepping stones for all children to become competent movers. Using games and success through play, kids are engaged, happy and interactive. To move is to be human.



Physical Therapists also known as Physiotherapists (PTs) work together with the child and family to address gross motor concerns, some of which include: sitting, standing, mobility (crawling, walking, running, jumping) muscle strength, balance and coordination. Our PTs focus on building parent’s capacities to help their child achieve optimal gross motor potential through functional activities like throwing a ball, bike riding, playground/park activities and swimming. PTs also support families with equipment related concerns such as wheelchairs, walkers, bath seats, etc.



Therapy assistants work under the direction of the consultant team (SLP, OT, PT) to provide interventions that support the goals identified by the family in the service plan . They also work with families to create materials, such as picture schedules, visuals, etc. that can be used in sessions and by the family.

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